Modified Rules

Toowoomba Junior Touch



  • 8 and Under and 10 and Under Boys and Girls are 5 a-side.
  • Under 12, 14 and 16 Boys and Girls are 6 a-side.



  • A touchdown will be awarded if the ball is forced on or over the score line.



A change of possession occurs when:

  • The ball goes to ground.
  • Dummy half is touched while in possession of the ball.
  • Sixth touch occurs.
  • Player steps over the sideline.
  • Incorrect roll-ball or tap is performed.

When possession changes play starts with a roll ball.



Penalty is given when:

  • Forward pass: Forward pass is thrown
  • Touch and pass: Ball passed after a touch is made.
  • Voluntary roll ball: Roll-ball done before touch is made
  • Off the mark: Roll-ball done away from where touch was made
  • No touch is made: Claiming a touch when touch not made
  • Offside: Within 10m of a at tap or 5m of a roll ball
  • Excessive force: Using more than minimum force to make a touch
  • Obstruction: Any deliberate Obstruction by Attacking or Defending team players.

Penalty is taken by placing ball on the ground, releasing it and tapping the ball with the foot.



  • Must be 5 meters back from a roll-ball, otherwise penalty.
  • Must be 10 meters back from a penalty tap, otherwise penalty.
  • Keep in line with the Ref. as a general idea.
  • Can move up as soon as dummy half touches the ball.
  • Touch can be made by either Defender or Attacker.



  • Place ball on ground and step over.



  • Attacking team players shall not deliberately obstruct defenders from making a touch.
  • Defending team players shall not obstruct attacking players from supporting ball carrier.



Players must not go on to the field before the player being substituted has come off.


8/10 and Under Boys and Girls Modified Rules

  • Defending team cannot move forward until Dummy Half has passed the ball and first receiver has touched it.
  • Dummy Half must not run with the ball. The ball must be passed.
  • The field is half a field.
  • 2 X 12 minute halves.
  • Coaches can be on the field while the game is playing.


Referees: Toowoomba Touch requests that they be treated with respect and courtesy. Do not argue or dispute referee decisions.

Rules of Touch: Work towards educating players and spectators about the rules.

Toowoomba Touch Association 2015